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Sheep Hunts All Seasons Guide Service - Texas
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G&J Outdoors - Nevada
H&A Outfitters, Inc. - New Mexico
Ridgeline Outfitters - New Mexico

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Fire Mountain Outfitters
Atlin, BC V0W 1A0
Brandon: (780) 228-3448, Rena: (780) 933-6859

The majestic mountain goats are in most people’s opinion the most under rated animal in north America. This is a physically challenging hunt, but is one of the most rewarding of them all. Nearly 90% of the worlds entire population of mountain goats live in BC and our guiding area has a very healthy population of thick horned, large bodied Goats. Mountain goats like the more rugged mountains and can be found anywhere from the mountain peaks to the steep valley canyons. Most of the Billy’s in our area die of old age and have likely never seen a human due to little or no hunting pressure in most areas and plenty of hiding places and inaccessible terrain. Their beautiful furry coats and long black horns along with the terrain they live in makes this the ultimate mountain hunt. We only harvest mature Billy’s and on average have 9 ½ inch horns with big bases. Although the season opens Aug 1 we generally don’t start hunting them till Sept when the hair is longer. This 1/1 hunt can also be combined with either Sheep, Caribou or Moose.

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Ridgeline Outfitters
1239 Sunflower Ave, Belen, NM 87002
Phone: (602) 469-1646

Our Barbary Sheep hunts take place on public and private land throughout New Mexico.

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Big Rim Outfitters
Winston, NM 87943
Phone: (575) 743-0448

If you haven't been on a true free-roaming Aoudad sheep hunt you are missing out on one of the most challenging and exciting hunts in the West. These big rams are an incredible trophy and make an impressive mount in any trophy room. Usually we will spot a ram or rams at a distance and then plan a stalk if there is a trophy sized ram in the group. It is very common to see 10-30 rams in a day. We will help you determine a trophy ram that has long chaps and big horns. Our rams average in the 29-30 inch range. The biggest will be in the 31-34 inch range with around 14 inch bases.

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All Seasons Guide Service
5639 FM 1686, Victoria, TX 77905
Phone: (361) 920-2825

Our Aoudad Hunts take place in the Glass Mountains of West Texas between Ft. Stockton and Marathon, Texas on one of the largest ranches in Texas consisting of more than 325,000 acres or 507 sq. Miles. The elevation of the ranch in the Glass Mountains Range varies from 3200 ft. to 5200 ft. There are many steep walled canyons and plateaus lined with rim rock and thousands of isolated draws that is perfect Aoudad Habitat and allows rams to reach a mature age. It is not uncommon to see more than a 100 animals in a single herd although 25 – 50 is most common.

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