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Carter Outfitting LTD

Carter Outfitting LTD
Scott Carter - Owner
53508 Range Rd 45
Darwell, Alberta T0E 0L0

Contact Info:
Phone: (780) 977-8188


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Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Carter Outfitting is one of the top big game hunting outfitters in Canada, taking immense pride in our bighorn sheep hunts and offering what we consider the most exceptional fair chase hunting experience in Alberta.

With a robust population of rams and extensive pre-season scouting, our success rates surpass the norm. A full month prior to the first hunt, our guides are diligently out in the field locating rams for your expedition. In one season, three out of four hunters achieved ram success on the first day of their expedition—an achievement that exemplifies the caliber we strive for.

Sheep Hunting in Alberta

Our base camp, reachable solely by horseback, is situated in a remote location. It features comfortable amenities, including a cook tent, heated sleeping tents, showers, and a proficient staff, all dedicated to enhancing your hunting experience. The typical ram in the region boasts a score of 165", while trophies exceeding 180" have been successfully harvested in this area. Should the need arise, we're equipped to establish spike camps for extended hunting deeper into the territory.

If you are looking for the ultimate guided sheep hunt in Alberta, give us a call or visit our website for more information.